I.D. Tags

Looking for a practical and effective way to brand your product, and add value for your customers?

Star Stuff Group’s All About Packaging division offer a range of I.D. Tags that serve as an excellent way to advertise your brand and product, as well as add value for your customers. Some of the ways we have seen companies add value for their customers, is by printing recipes, product care information, nutritional facts, and company information on the band.

ID Tags are commonly used for:

Product Identification, Point-of-Purchase Coupons, Brand Identity, Inventory Management, Country of Origin Labelling, Colour Coding, Direct Marketing Promotions, Cross Merchandising, Fruit & Vegetable labelling, Vegetables in netting bags, Fresh Flowers.

Sizes and Order Quantities

Standard Size: 406mm x 25mm band, for use on items 89mm – 120mm in Diameter.

Standard Size: 203mm x 76mm band, for use on items 25mm in diameter.
Packaging: 5,000/Case
Depending on your need, these tags can be boxed or spooled.

ID Tags Special Features:
  • Digital Printing and Flexographic Printing
  • Variety of Elastomer Loop Sizes and Colours
  • Scented Elastomers
  • Variety of Label Sizes & Shapes
  • Adhesive-Backed Labels
  • Multiple-Panel Labels which offer additional print area
  • Photo Luminescence Label
  • Writeable Coatings (ElastiNoteR)
  • UV-Resistant Elastomer
  • Light-Resistant Inks
  • Perforations available for automation
  • Artwork can be supplied, or we can assist in the design process.

Fruit And Vegetable Labelling, Nurseries & Horticulture, Fresh Flowers

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