Product-gripping tags that command attention!

Looking for a product-gripping elastomer tag for your brand identity, product identification, point-of-purchase promotion or inventory management?

ElastiTag® is the world’s most unique and versatile neck-tag that is successfully used throughout the world for Product Identification, Brand Identity, Inventory Management, On-product Promotions, Cross Merchandising, Gift with Purchase, and more.

Star Stuff Group based in Brisbane, supply ElastiTag® products in custom-runs from as little as 500 digitally-printed and digitally die-cut tags, up to 10,000,000 flexo-printed and rotary die-cut tags, packed loose or in reels, or in another format you or your co-packer require. See packaging options.

ElastiTag® Products
The ElastiTag® product range includes:

Designing your own artwork? Download the ElastiTag® Die Lines.

ElastiTag® products are commonly used on:
Dairy Products, Drinks and Beverages, Food/Sauces/Syrups, Hardware, Health and Beauty Products, Home/Housewares, Medical Products, Coffee Products, Outdoor Products and PharmaNutra Products.

Here’s how leading brand managers are promoting their products and brands with ElastiTag®:

  • Launching new product lines
  • Kicking off new promotions
  • Telling unique stories
  • Enhancing their brand identities
  • Supporting worthy causes
  • Delivering free product samples
  • Giving instructions/recipes
  • Cross-merchandising products
  • Bragging about an award
  • Advertising special offers
  • Communicating competitions
  • Providing rebate coupons

Grab the attention of your audience!
If you are looking for a quality cross-promotion tool, this product-gripping tag is sure to grab the attention of our audience.


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