Drinks & Beverages

Drinks & BeveragesLooking for a product-gripping labelling and promotional tool for your liquid or beverage product that will not fall off during shipping and handling?

The worldwide-patented ElastiTag® is an elastomer-based neck tag range that can be used as bottle neck tags, beer bottle labels, custom beer labels and much more. Different die-cut tags stretch and gently hug all shapes and sizes of drinks and beverage containers, including:

  • Tags and labels for juice cartons and bottles
  • Tags and labels for water bottles
  • Tags and labels for soft drink cans
  • Tags and labels for glass bottles
  • Tags and labels for cordial bottles

Leading brand managers are using ElastiTag to:

  • Maximise shelf impact
  • Enhance brand identity
  • Highlight the benefits of a product
  • Serve as a promotional coupon (ie. Mail-in rebate tags, Competition tags, Variable data tags – every product has its own unique alphanumeric code on a pre-printed tag.)
  • Advertise a special promotion (ie. Gift-with-purchase tags, Quick Response 2-D barcode tags – iPhone & Android customers photo-scan these in-store and are instantly sent to a website promoting your offering, encouraging interactive dialogue. )
  • Cross-merchandise products (ie. Include trial-sized samples of other products)
  • Promote an award a product or brand has won
  • Offer added value by including tips or free recipes (ie. “booklet-in-a-pouch” bi-fold tags)
  • Promote involvement with charities (ie. Support a good cause tags)

Benefits of ElastiTags:

  • ‘Grips’ to your product and stays in place
  • Will not fall off your product during shipping
  • Can be used on unique shapes that are difficult to tag or label

ElastiTag Special Features:

  • Digital Printing and Flexographic Printing is available
  • Choose from a wide variety of tag sizes, shapes and finishes
  • Bifold tags are available, which offer additional print space
  • Select from a variety of elastomer loop sizes and colours
  • Customise your tags with unique die shapes and variable data printing
  • Biodegradable options are available
  • Artwork can be supplied, or we can assist in the design process. Download the ElastiTag Die Lines.
  • ElastiTags can also be converted into ElastiTotes® that can carry sample products.

Download the ElastiTag promotional brochure for Beverages.

neck tags for drinks

Grab the attention of your audience!
If you are looking for a quality cross-promotion tool, this product-gripping tag is sure to grab the attention of our audience.

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