ElastiTote “Sampling” Tags

ElastiTote® tags carry small samples or products on other products for cross-sales promotions

ElastiTote is ‘the ultimate delivery tool’. It is a fantastic way to cross-promote your products and brands, as well as encourage sales by including bonus promotional products and free samples and gifts.

ElastiTotes are designed to carry small items such as:

  • Trial Samples
  • Mini Packets
  • Gourmet Chocolates
  • Candies/Mints
  • Promotional Items
  • Drink Mixes
  • Free Gifts

ElastiTote Options:

  • ElastiTote with Adhesive Strip
    ElastiTotes with an adhesive strip will ensure your sample products stay in place. They are great for trial-size packets and travel-size products.
  • ElastiTote with 2 Loops
    ElastiTotes with 2 Loops enable you to display multiple products, and can carry small bottles and tubes.
  • Foldable ElastiTote
    ElastiTotes that fold are a great promotional tool for trial-size vials, perfumes and lipsticks.
  • Almost any of the ElastiTag items can be transformed into an ElastiTote, simply by adding an adhesive strip to the tag.

Special Features:

  • Artwork can be supplied, or we can assist in the design process. Download the ElastiTag Die Lines.
  • Our Product Development and Creative Teams can work with you on the style, shape, and design that meet your specific sample-delivery need.
  • Custom dies, designs and prototypes are available.

Download ElastiTote Product on Product promotions  brochure.

Grab the attention of your audience!

If you are looking for a quality cross-promotion tool, this product-gripping tag is sure to grab the attention of our audience.

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