8 Ways ElastiTags® can be used with your products

ElastiTags® are an extremely innovative and versatile promotional tool that can help boost your campaign.

As a neck tag, they are designed to be attached to products. ElastiTags® come in a variety of shapes, sizes and formats; however they all have an elastic loop that is durable to and flexible enabling them to be used on a range of different product types.

To give you an idea of how ElastiTag® products can be used, here is a list of ways that we have seen our customers use and benefit from the use of an ElastiTag® in their marketing campaigns:

  1. Advertising a new product line to an existing similar product.
  2. Advertising a special offer or promotion by attaching an ElastiTag® on the product that the promotion relates to.
  3. Using an ElastiTag® to attach a competition entry form to a product so the customer automatically takes home an entry form with them.
  4. Cross promote products by attaching a small sample on a product.
  5. Capture attention and increase sales by using an ElastiTag® to include a special ‘gift with purchase’ on a product.
  6. Attach a recipe or instructions to a product using an Elastitag®.
  7. Increase promotional response and effectiveness by attaching a promotional coupon to a product, using an ElastiTag®.
  8. Advertise an award your product or company has won, by highlighting the award on an ElastiTag®.

ElastiTag® products are truly an effective promotional marketing tool. For more information about Elastitag® products or if you would like to discuss how you can use an ElastiTag® in your next marketing campaign, please contact us on 1300 885 044.