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Complete Packaging Solutions from All About Packaging

All About Packaging, a Member of Star Stuff Group, has over ten years of providing the most modern industries with a wide variety of bespoke packaging solutions. Dedicating to suiting the needs of a diverse market, we fully understand that it takes versatility, creativity and cutting-edge solutions to provide a complete packaging solution.

Packaging Solutions from All About Packaging

Packaging is not just about dropping some items in a bag, packaging products plays a major role in how your customers will view your products and company. It gives your products singular identity in the vast quantities of similar items on the market. Furthermore, the right packaging ensures freshness, protects integrity and bears your company brand. In short packaging is everything that presentation is.

The dedicated packaging experts at the Star Stuff Group will make it their goal to provide you with a packaging solution that will achieve your goal. The job is not done unless the goals of our clients have been met in full and we have the resources and varied material to provide exactly the packaging needed. We are proud of our collection of the most cutting-edge machinery and equipment to deliver a first-rate product every time.

NEW!!! The World’s First Digital Water Based Inkjet Printer

Looking to improve our products and services we have recently acquired a top-of-the-line technological solution that prints accurate labels on a variety of packaging materials. Our Digital Water Based Inkjet Printer can print a solid white foundation on to plastics, clear materials and metalized substrates as well. We can now print a variety of attractive representations of products and company colors as the clients sees fit.

We invite you to take a look at some of our latest projects in which we applied this technology. As you can see it is quite possible to create a single design plan in a wide variety of colors and hues to differentiate each individual product. Even better, this technology allows us to complete a project with no print plate or setup costs.

Our Special Brand of Packaging Solutions

When we take on a packaging projects we apply a special brand of professionalism and expertise to our work: Count on us to:

  • Understand the packaging aspect of marketing and commerce better than any other. We always begin with a full understanding of our client’s specific needs.
  • Provide our valued clients with the latest solutions available to accomplish their tasks at a greater value.
  • Present you with a full array of packaging solutions appropriate for your needs and give you a rundown of all the Pro’s and Con’s to each one.
  • Inform you of the technical specifications needed to apply a specific packaging to your products.
  • Make recommendations on other applicable features such as spouts and spigots, handles, perforated tear notches and resealable packaging as well.
  • Provide you with a digital proof of your product. We can even help you with some innovative design concepts if so desired.
  • Deliver as per our agreement. In other words, we will work with you to build a plan and deliver on our promises promptly.

Some of the solutions we have experience with include:

  • Confectionery Packaging
  • Pet-food Packaging
  • Cereal Packaging
  • Liquids Packaging
  • Snack Food Packaging
  • Fresh Produce Packaging
  • General Packaging
  • Seafood Packaging
  • Microwave Safe and Steam Release Packaging
  • a Wide collection of all-purpose bags including Non-Woven Bags, Header Bags, Stock Bags, PealN’Seal Bags, Hanger Bags and Carrier Bags.
  • a full collection of packaging accessories, tags and more. We supply special fresher seals and closures for peel and seal bags. We also provide the ID tags, side panels, Snap a Tag IDs, and Twist ties and anything else you may need to perfect your packaging.
  • a Wide Array of packaging solutions including Counter Displays and Shipping Packages, Flexible Packaging Options, Metal Tins, Folding Cartons, Rigid Boxes, Fresh Pak and eve softer EVA and PVC options too.

In Conclusion All About Packaging is looking to be your partner in providing all the packaging solutions your business, products and clients are looking for. We have years of experience and can provide you with excellent solutions you may not have even considered. We look forward to learning all about your needs and ideas and helping you create a tailor-made solution to your needs.

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