Cereal Packaging

Cereal PackagingNeed a packaging solution for your cereal that will preserve the freshness of your product both before and after the package is opened?

Star Stuff Group’s All About Packaging division offers a range of cartons, bags, pouches, self standing zipper pouches and quad seal pouches that offer all of the advantages and none of the drawbacks of traditional cereal packaging.

To ensure the freshness of your product is maintained, our bag, pouches, self standing zipper pouches and quad seal pouches are hermetically sealed during the production process. Additionally, the zipper on these packages enables the customer to reseal the package after they have opened it. Not only does this maintain the freshness of your cereal product, it also makes it an extremely convenient product for your customer to use and store.

Whatever your product is, we will be able to provide a Packaging Solution.

Using the latest printing technology from Epson, we can now also provide you with an accurate colour packaging or label proof. Find out more about our accurate colour packaging or label proofs here.

Some of the cereal packaging solutions we offer include:
  • Self Standing & Flat Pouches for Food Packaging
  • Quad Seal Bags for Food Packaging
  • Side Gusset & Flat Bags for Food Packaging
  • Printed Rewind for Packaging
  • Printed Cartons
  • Printed Labels
Cereal Packaging – Special Features:
  • Resealable zippers for convenience and product freshness
  • Easy-open tear-notches
  • Laser scoring for easy opening
  • Your choice of finish – including matt, gloss, spot or overall – or a combination
  • A wide range of colour & print techniques can be used, including metallic
  • Traditional or Custom-shaped labels, cartons, bags, pouches & packaging
  • Artwork can be supplied, or we can assist in the design process.

Cereal Packaging

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