Fresh Pak

Need a packaging solution for your fresh produce that will maintain the freshness of your product, but also offer your customers convenience?

Consumers have long demanded they have the freshest, best tasting products available which also meet their need for convenience. Today’s fast paced consumer, demands produce that is pre-washed, cut, packaged and ready to consume. Fresh fruit and vegetables present a unique challenge since these products continue to respire after harvesting, resulting in a shelf life which is inversely proportional to the respiration rate.

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Packaging for Fresh Produce

Successful packaging of fresh produce depends to a large extent on finding the right balance between each products’ respiration rate. Packaging films help to extend shelf life by: reducing respiration, minimising dehydration, slowing down ripening, physiological & microbiological deterioration mechanisms.

Fresh PakTo accommodate this niche in the marketplace, Star Stuff Group’s All About Packaging division offer a range of speciality Fresh Pak films. Fresh Pak is a clear packaging material that has a specially developed coating that assists in the dispersion of condensation caused by the natural breathing / respiration of most fresh produce.
We also offer micro-perforated, laser-perforated commonly referred to as MAP (modified atmosphere packaging)

The range of Fresh Pak films include a coated anti-mist grade with super wide heat seal range and excellent machine properties; and the recent introduction of a non-coated film with excellent anti-mist properties and gas permeability for superb product presentation.
Fresh Pak

Fresh Pak Bag SizesMinimum Order Quantities

Please contact us to find out more about minimum order quantities.
Minimum order quantities are dependent on bag sizes, print & material requirements.

Fresh-Pak Special Features:
  • Fresh Pak packaging can be custom manufactured to any size you require.
  • Bags are supplied unprinted (onto which printed labels can be applied) or we can supply pre-printed bags, pouches or rewind for automatic packaging lines.
  • Artwork can be supplied, or we can assist in the design process.
For a complete packaging solution that meets all your individual requirements, contact us today.
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