Horticulture Packaging


Packaging solutions for horticultural products is an area that requires it’s own specialty.In most cases the product packed within these bags contains a myriad of chemicals, all especially formulated to be applied to plants, grasses, garden beds, pots & tubs etc.Blood & BoneThe packaging may contain poisons or chemicals that could harm humans, animals or precious plants. Therefore it is critical the packaging be of a type that can carry these materials without causing harm to any of the aforementioned.
In many cases the larger bags are stored outside and in the open while awaiting purchase at Hardware Stores, Horticulturalists, Garden Care Stores etc. With this being the case it is vital the packaging be resistant to harsh weather conditions, ie: bright sunlight, rain, heat and cold. And strong enough to be used to hold the heavier loads.

As manufacturers, we understand these needs and produce packaging that can withstand the elements and at the same time hold a wide variety of chemicals that need to be carried in these types of bags.