Metal Tins

metal tins
Looking for a packaging solution that offers the highest level of product protection & presentation?

Star Stuff Group’s All About Packaging division manufactures custom made metal tins – designed to protect, enhance & promote your product.

Metal Tins are completely customized – made specifically for your product, and designed to show-case your product.

Whilst cardboard packaging is a very popular packaging solution, Metal Tins offer some very attractive advantages:

  • metal tinsThey perform on store shelves next to cardboard competition getting your potential customers to pick up, feel and walk away with your product.
  • Tin preserves your brand and protects your product. Food, tea and coffee stays fresher for longer.
  • Any valuable or fragile product encased in tin with foam/EVA inserts or blister trays stays intact.
  • DVDs, video games, Music CDs, Puzzles and board games become collector’s items.
  • Tin lives on as storage containers, planting your brand in homes for friends and family to see. The lifespan of a tin box can even outlast the company that produced it!
  • But most importantly, tin packaging is 100% recyclable making it the green choice for environmentally cautious companies.
Minimum Order Quantities

For a customised metal tin container, our minimum order quantity is approximately 3,000 pieces unprinted and 5,000 pieces printed.

Metal Tin Special Features:
  • You can select from pre-made moulds or choose a completely custom tin of any shape or size.
  • With a wide range of printing, embossing, and design options we are here to help you create something truly unique.
  • Artwork can be supplied, or we can assist in the design process.
For a complete packaging solution that meets all your individual requirements, contact us today.
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