Snacks and Sweets Packaging

Packaging, for all types of products and goods has improved in leaps and bounds over the past 20 years but this hasn’t been so obvious as it has been over the past 5 years.

Amazing breakthroughs in packaging materials and equipment has made it possible for us to package goods in ways that would have been impossible 5 years ago.

Innovative new packagings materials are now available to not only make your product look great, but to also last longer and therefore have better appeal to the Consumer.

Today we can incorporate a wide range of packaging materials ranging from polypropylene, cellophane, pvc, coated plastics, and now, we even have materials that “breathe”. Materials to make it possible to package a great many products including vegetables, meats, frozen foods , dried foods, sweets , snacks, pet food and the list goes on.

At All About Packaging, to make sure we supply exactly the right type of package suitable for your goods, we need to ask you for specific information pertaining to packaged behaviour of your product. ie: Does it sweat, expand, shrink or perish etc?

Armed with this information we can locate the packaging material you will need and fulfil your product packaging requirements quickly and error free.

At All About Packaging, we also have our own in-house Graphic Design and Printing professionals enabling us to design, produce and manufacture exactly the package you want for your product.