Steam Release and Microwave Safe Packaging

steam release packagingStar Stuff Group’s All About Packaging division are specialist suppliers and printers of microwave safe packaging. The range of packaging we offer that is suitable for microwaving includes:

  • Microwave Bags Supply & Printing – perfect for frozen vegetables, rice and ready-to-eat meals.
  • Microwave Pouches Supply & Printing – perfect for frozen vegetables, rice and ready-to-eat meals.
  • Microwave Stand Up Pouches Supply & Printing – perfect for vegetables, rice and ready-to-eat meals.
  • Printed Rewind Supply & Printing for automatic packaging machinery.

We are also very excited to offer you our very own proprietary steam release system, which can be added to the microwave pouches to safely vent steam.

Steam Release Microwave Bags, Steam Release Pouches and Steam Release Stand Up Pouches Supply & Printing

The microwave bags and pouches we manufacture and supply are designed to be safely microwaved and steam vented, without opening or removing the content from the pouch. When the internal temperature of the pouch reaches 90 degrees Celsius, the vent will allow the steam to release from the pouch.

Same shelf life as non-microwavable retort pouches.

One of the key features of our steam release microwave bags and pouches is the product shelf life. The steam release vent has been designed into the hermetic seal bar, which means that if the pouch is also retorted, the shelf life of the product is identical to other non-microwavable retort pouches.

steam release packaging

Steam Release Packaging – Special Features
  • Optional – Steam Release System
  • All packaging is custom made to the size and shape you require.
  • Artwork can be supplied, or we can assist in the design process.
For a complete packaging solution that meets all your individual requirements, contact us today.


steam release packaging


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