Stock Bags

Looking for a basic packaging solution that is suitable for a wide variety of products?

Star Stuff Group’s All About Packaging division offers a range of laminated clear flat & gusseted stock bags that are ideal for all types of products, and are 100% food grade. They are crystal clear, heat sealable, and whilst we carry an extensive range of stocked sizes, we can also custom manufacture to suit your size requirements.

Minimum Order Quantities
  • All our stocked bag sizes are sold in quantities of 1000 bags.
  • All our stocked bag sizes come with easy-open tear-notches

Laminated Stock BagsFlat Stock Bags

Clear Stock BagsGusseted Stock Bags

Gusseted Polypropylene Bags

gussetted polypropylene bags


Flat Polypropylene Bags

flat polypropylene bags


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