Digi Printpac

Digitally Printed Packaging Solutions

Perfect for short packaging runs or product packaging prototypes, Digi-PrintPac specializes in digitally printed packaging solutions.

From quantities as low as 1,000 units, we can offer you commercial-grade product packaging solutions that are perfect for short packaging runs, product packaging prototypes, limited edition product packaging promotions, product trials and more.

Endless Possibilities

Specialists in digital printing, our technology offers cost effective printing solutions for almost any product. Unlike traditional printing which requires plates or cylinders with high print runs of 10,000+ bags PER DESIGN, our digital technology can tailor your print requirements across multiple designs in just one short run. With no plate or cylinder requirements, digital print can manage additional designs and ongoing changes with ease.

We know that products in the retail environment are under pressure on a multitude of fronts and are looking for solutions that include:

  • Reduced run lengths
  • Products and range extensions
  • Increased promotional requirements
  • Test marketing capability
  • Reduction of stock holding and inventory
  • Faster time to market and so on…
  • Variable data and personalisation of packaging and labels

We take a consultative approach and make a point of understanding your brand. As a result, we deliver exactly what you are looking for.

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