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How To Find Creative Packaging Solutions

For over 25 years, Brisbane based Star Stuff Group has been specialising in a comprehensive range of innovative and cost-effective packaging solutions for all kinds of clients.

We understand that the design of a package is the main element that forges a bond between your product and intended consumers. Therefore any successful marketing strategy must take into account the impact that a well-thought-out package design has on its success in the market.

The purpose of packaging is simply to sell your product. Any creative package solution should be able to draw the attention of customers. It should also visually communicate the identity of your brand and the quality of your product.

A creative packaging solution should furthermore make your product stand out on the shelves and be set apart from the rest of its competitors. This can be quite a daunting task to undertake when you have new products to launch or existing ones that are in need of an aesthetic upgrade.

If you're trying to find a creative package solution that is perfect for your product, here are some important tips we recommend you consider.

Choose a professional design consultant that can help you

The process of designing packages can require consultants that have expertise in the design and marketing field. They should be able to assist you along the way in helping you determine which way you want to go with your packaging design.

That’s where we can help! Our team at the Star Stuff Group is qualified and has extensive expertise to assist you in the design process.

Do you want your packaging to be made from plastic, glass bothers or jars, pouches, flexible packaging or tubes? Are you marketing your products based on environmentally friendly principles? We have a range of food packaging solutions for you to choose from including packaging that are fully-disposable, environmentally friendly, longer lasting and reusable.

Familiarise yourself with the project management

When deciding on a packaging consultant for your product, make sure you learn about their project management. Get to know who will be managing your project from its launch to its very completion. It is also useful know how it will be managed and the kinds of methods that of project management will be employed.

Focus on your target audience

Once you have selected your consultant, it is time to understand your target audience. Packaging design is meant to appeal to the needs and requirements of a specific group of customers. Choosing to pursue a certain demographic of customers rather than a broad audience, will mean that you have a focus point in your selling strategies.

Establishing selling strategies for an intended audience is vital for maximising your time and resources so you can build a brand that is effective and successful. So make sure that your package attributes are attractive to your target market!

Ensure that your products are compliant with Australian legislation

Food packaging needs to be just as safe as it is appealing. A crucial part of the packaging design process is checking whether your food or drug products are compliant with Australian health and safety legislation. Not only does the content of your package have to meet compliancy standards, but the packaging itself must be manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices for safety and quality.

Finding the right packaging solution is fundamental for establishing your brand and building success in the marketplace. At the Star Stuff Group we can provide you with the perfect packaging solution for your snack food and a variety of other products too. Not only can we help you enhance your brand promotion in store, but we can increase your product’s growth and success!

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