make your promotions stand out

How to make your retail promotion stand out off the shelf

shopping aisle shelf wobblers
When walking down the grocery isle and choosing which cereal I will buy this week, I often catch myself looking for something new, different or on special. If I do this, I can only imagine that other people do the same.

Shelf wobblers or shelf talkers are extremely effective promotional tools that can truly make your retail promotion stand out off the shelf.

Every shopper is a potential new or repeat customer for your product. On a shelf packed with multiple options of the same core product, does your product stand out? Will people see your product or promotion?

In an overcrowded space, a shelf wobbler or shelf talker is guaranteed to draw the attention of your audience and give you a higher chance of winning the sale.

Shelf wobblers can be custom made to any shape and size and this month we are offering a very special promotion which you may be interested in. Check it out here.

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