Artwork Requirements


We support most popular software for PC.
Adobe: Illustrator files up to CS6, Photoshop V.8, InDesign up to V12, and Acrobat up to V.7
Corel: Corel Draw up to V.12.
For best results supply as Layered PDF or AI files.


As a general rule of thumb, resolution dependant documents should be no smaller than 75 dots per inch if artwork is being supplied at finished size, and need be no larger than 300dpi. Should file size be an issue, supply art at ¼ of the finished size as a 300dpi file.

If you are unable to supply the raw artwork, save files as .eps or .tiff. Other formats such as jpeg result in poor print quality due to low resolution.

Feel free to call and speak to one of our graphic designers if you have any questions!


  • All transparency effects to be been flattened.
  • All images to be embedded. Please do not supply linked files.
  • Please supply artwork with crop marks (where applicable).
  • Please supply artwork with die lines supplied (where applicable).
  • Please convert fonts or text to paths, outlines or curves.
  • Please convert colours to CMYK (unless PMS colours are to be printed).
  • Artwork (where applicable) must have 5mm minimum bleed.
  • Artwork should have a minimum internal bleed/margin of 3mm.
  • Un-supported formats i.e.: Freehand are best converted to individual bitmaps and supplied at desired scale and resolution. NB. While all efforts will be made to accurately produce work created in unsupported software, eg Quark or Freehand, responsibility for the final outcome remains the sole responsibility of the artwork supplier.


Please DO NOT SEND final artwork as Word, Publisher, CAD or PowerPoint documents.

Small files up to 5MB can be emailed to susan@starstuffgroup.com.au.

Large files over 3MB and under 100MB may be sent to us via www.yousendit.com at no charge. Simply follow the prompts and use the forwarding address of susan@starstuffgroup.com.au