Resin Decals continue to grow in popularity as more companies realise what a powerful branding tool they can be. They are also known as dome labels/stickers or decals. The major advantage of the resin decal is its unique and eye-catching appearance.

Their signature attributes include a raised, three-dimensional surface with a high gloss finish. The manufacturing process of the decal creates a graphic that is highly durable. The dome itself is made from cured polyurethane and most of the durability comes from the polyurethane itself.

It is chemically inert, has a high level of UV resistance, is scratch resistant, rustproof, fade resistant, acid resistant, waterproof, and oil resistant.


Liner - A temporary layer that will be removed when you are ready to apply the sticker to a surface

Adhesive - We use the strongest adhesive to ensure the decal does not fall

Print Surface – This is where the graphic printed. There are a variety of substrates that can be used.

Decoration/Graphic - Colours are printed on the substrate using digital printing, offset or screen printing. Colour options include transparent, opaque and metallic.

Dome - The top layer or dome is a liquid polyurethane poured over the label and cured into a crystal clear lens. The liquid flows to the edge of the label creating the domed effect. It is cured for 12 hours to create a solid and flexible bubble.


Resin Decals are commonly used to brand items such as:

  • Beer Tap Tops

  • Garage Doors

  • Industrial Equipment & Appliances

  • Motor Vehicles, Tue Canopies & Trucks

  • 4 x 4 Accessories

  • IT Equipment & Accessories

  • Trailers & Caravans

  • Lawnmowers, Golf Carts & PWC’s

  • Electrical Goods

  • Machinery & Accessories

  • Key Tags & Badges

  • Corporate Giftware