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Increase Brand Awareness With Resin Graphics

Resin graphics continue to grow in popularity as more companies realize what a powerful branding tool they can be. Also known as dome labels or dome stickers, their signature attributes include a raised, three-dimensional surface, bright colors, and a high gloss finish. Resin graphics can be manufactured using a variety of materials, but the dome itself above the label is always made from cured polyurethane. A few places you might find dome stickers are on vehicles, inside offices, on giftware, and on sporting equipment.

What is it about dome stickers that makes them such an effective marketing tool? Stickers and decals have existed for a long time, but they rarely capture the attention of consumers in the same way that a resin graphic can. The major advantage of the dome sticker is its unique and eye-catching appearance.

A Sticker That You Can’t Miss

The strongest attributes of the resin graphic are the three-dimensional appearance and the glossy coating. These two qualities cause the graphic to stand out, in contrast, no matter where it is at. That’s why they have become so common on vehicles. When you see a car pass by that you like you can immediately spot the model name if it’s displayed as a dome label.

The visibility of the dome button greatly increases the likelihood that someone will stop and take notice of it. In terms of marketing, that equates to additional exposure. In comparison to standard decals or stickers, the resin graphic is almost guaranteed to provide a higher ROI.

A Sticker That Can Withstand Nature

The manufacturing process of the label creates a graphic that is highly durable. Most of the durability comes from the polyurethane itself, which is capable of withstanding quite a lot. It is chemically inert, has a high level of UV resistance, is scratch resistant, rustproof, fade resistant, acid resistant, waterproof, and oil resistant.

The strength and durability of the dome sticker make it an ideal marketing tool in harsh environments. For example, it’s commonly used on power tool and tractors. It can withstand the wear and tear caused by the operation of the tool as well as resistant damage from nature.

The polyurethane’s ability to resistant UV damage allows for stickers that can last a lifetime outdoors. Unlike similar graphics that might use epoxy instead, the polyurethane dome will never suffer from cracks or fading over time. The sticker will maintain the same vibrant colors and glossy finish as the day it was manufactured.

Despite being so resilient, these graphics are actually very flexible. The flexibility actually helps absorb impacts and prevent damage to the label. If your label needs to be applied to a curved surface, then it’s possible to order labels that use an extra flexible urethane finish.

The Manufacturing Process

Most dome graphics are created using a five-layer process. It includes a liner, an adhesive, a print surface, a graphic, and then the dome itself. The first layer, the liner, is actually a temporary layer that will be removed when you are ready to apply the sticker to a surface. Dome stickers can fall off liners more easily than traditional stickers so extra care must be taken when manufacturing liners.

Using the right adhesive is extremely important. The sticker itself may be able to withstand harsh environments, but that won’t mean much if the adhesive fails and the sticker falls off the surface. It’s important that only the strongest adhesives are used on dome stickers.

The third layer is the print surface. This is where the graphic will be printed and it’s going to have a significant impact on the appearance of the sticker. You can choose from a variety of surfaces with different finishes and textures for your graphics. The fourth layer, the graphic, is then printed directly onto the surface using vibrant colors.

The final stage is the dome itself, which is a lot like a contact lens. The polyurethane is poured onto the layer in controlled quantities to create a dome shape. It then spends 12 hours curing to create a solid and flexible bubble.

A Powerful Marketing Tool

Resin graphics are a smart investment for any company that wants to increase brand awareness. Hundreds of businesses in Australia are already reaching new crowds using dome graphics. It’s a powerful marketing tool and now is the time to invest.

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