Scented ElastiTags


Rub’n Smell Improves the Effectiveness of Print Advertising

Rub’nSmell varnishing technology combined with ElastiTags transform print into a multi-sensory medium.

Download a list of  Stock Fragrances.

Rub’n Smell technology increases the impact, recall, value, and effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Rub’nSmell is applied in-line during the printing process so the cost to scent advertising, packaging, direct mail, catalogs, coupons, etc. is more then offset by the increase you get in response.

“Olfactory scientists say using scent is smart marketing. Of all the human senses, smell has the most direct pathway to the emotional center of the brain.”As reported in the Washington Post Appealing To the Senses – Aromatic Packaging Is Just the Start Of Futuristic Sales Ploys By Margaret Webb Pressler, Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, February 19, 2006

  • Integrating scent into print advertising increases consumer attention, awareness and stimulates purchase activity to a higher degree than non-scented advertising.
  • Rub’nSmell is easy to use. Any printer can use it. It is applied in-line as a fifth color or coating. Many scents can be printed on a sheet.
  • A scented magazine ad (printed as a fifth color) with Rub’nSmell can cost less than half of a traditional supplied scented insert.
  • Scent is proven to create an emotional response and elicit memories. Rub’nSmell gives marketers the ability to channel these emotions into sales.
  • Rub’nSmell is proven to increase sales when used on direct mailers and catalogs.
  • When Rub’nSmell is printed on products (e.g.. on primary labels, cartons, shrink sleeves, neckers, or hang tags) Rub’nSmell economically encourages product trial at point of sale where more then 75% of purchase decisions are made.
  • On-package sampling with Rub’nSmell not only creates a distinct competitive advantage at point of sale but also enables customers to engage and interact with the product without opening (and damaging) the product package.
  • Rub’nSmell scented varnish adds value and interest to printed promotional items such as scented bookmarks, coupons, shopping bags, handouts, tickets, fliers, direct mailers, lottery tickets, scratch off game cards, or gift wrap.
  • Rub’nSmell is transparent and non-obtrusive and is applied over graphics. Scent remains dormant until the printed surface is rubbed and lasts for years in printed form.
  • Unlike traditional scented magazine inserts, Rub’nSmell will not smell up a magazine, and ads scented with Rub’nSmell area can be rubbed multiple times. So for magazines with large pass-along readership Rub’nSmell exponentially increases the value of scented advertising much more so then a traditional scented (single use) insert.Virtually any fragrance can be encapsulated and made into Rub’nSmell scented varnish. Customers can supply their own fragrance oils or we can assist in sourcing or developing a specific fragrance upon request.

Customer Supplied Oils

In cases where clients provide their own fragrance oils for encapsulation we request that the fragrance oils be prepared with the following criteria.

  • Made with little to no water soluble materials
  • Contain no alcohol or emulsifiers
  • Have a boiling point above 100¡ Celsius
  • Be accompanied with a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

The minimum amount of oil that can be encapsulated is 1 kg of oil (2.2 lb).