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Let The Star Stuff Graphic Division Help Promote Your Business

The Star Stuff graphic division has become one of Australia’s leading sources of die-cutting, digital printing, and signage. Their products are tailored for orders of all sizes from short prototype runs to massive commercial overhauls. Whether you need retail packaging, indoor displays, outdoor signage, or promotional graphics, the Star Stuff graphic division can help.

Outdoor Display Signage

Signage remains one of the most effective tools for marketing your brand to the masses. You’ll find that the Star Stuff graphics team is capable of designing and manufacturing a variety of outdoor signs for this cause. This can include banners, core-flute signs, magnetic signs, and banners. All of the signage produced by Star Stuff is of the highest quality and guaranteed to last.

Banners can be manufactured in a number of different styles, to your exact size requirements, and using one of many different materials. Some of the best banners are made from vinyl, which is long-lasting, water resistant, and very flexible. An alternative is printed mesh banners that are placed around a development area. Printed mesh banners are UV resistant and waterproof.

Magnetic signs make it easy to temporary promote a sale or an event on the side of a vehicle. They are easy to apply to a surface and then easy to remove when they are no longer needed. Many business owners keep them on their vehicles during business hours and then remove them when they are not in use. The high-quality magnetic signs can be applied and removed countless times without damaging the sign or the vehicle.

Retail Store Displays

If you are in the retail business, then you likely already understand the importance of quality signage. Signs are used to promote sales, as displays at the point of sale, and can be applied to walls, shelves, or floors. Retail stores often need signage on a regular basis to promote short-term events. The Star Stuff graphics division works with a number of retailers in Australia to supply signage according to a strict schedule.

Floor graphics provide a unique way to offer targeted marketing in a retail environment. They are almost impossible to ignore and often lead to impulse sales. Floor signs can also be used to grab the attention of a consumer and direct them towards a specific product, location, or promotion.

Indoor Display Graphics

Indoor signage can account for any number of different signs, locations, or uses inside of a business. For example, signs may be used to limit traffic to a particular area inside of a building. Retractable banner signs can be used at trade shows or conferences to inform the public about a specific person, product, or event.

Star Stuff manufactures a vast array of signs used for advertising and marketing purposes inside of buildings. This can include light box signs, illuminated signs, vinyl cut signs, and trade show signs. Each and every sign is custom made to your exact specifications. And if you need assistance, the design professionals can help you design the ideal sign for your particular needs.

Promotional Goods

Finally, the design department can also manufacturer a number of smaller promotional goods. This includes dome stickers, lanyards, ad-pens, jewellery tags, key rings, and various magnetic products. All of these small items can be used to easily and affordably spread brand awareness.

Ad-pens have been taking the market by storm for the past year. They are designed as standard pens with an advertisement that scrolls out of the pen. Anyone who picks up one of these pens and uses it will find themselves scrolling open the advertisement. This means your business can be making an impression on a huge number of consumers by circulating pens with their unique marketing message.

Key rings are a traditional marketing tool that have been in use for decades. They still remain one of the most effective promotional items available. Their size limits the message they can send, but a simple logo is often more than enough.

The Star Stuff Group is the go-to design team in Australia when it comes to digital printing, die-cutting, signage, and marketing items. They can help easily spread the word about your business with signs, stickers, magnets, pens, and banners that can’t be ignored.

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