Art Canvas Prints

Convert your favourite photos into a work of art printed directly on canvas!

Star Stuff Group’s Star Stuff Graphic division offers high quality canvas printing with no minimums and affordable prices direct to the public. We print on canvas from digital images and photos to any size. We offer a wide variety of sizes of canvas printing to ensure final product quality.

Canvas Printing – FAQ’s

What is the most optimal resolution to print a photo to canvas?
It really depends on how large you want your canvas printed, but the most optimal resolution is 300 dpi. We can work with 100dpi as well for smaller prints. Most pictures from your digital camera should work as long as it is at least 3 megapixels. If there’s anything wrong with the resolution, we’ll contact you via email.

What types of file formats do you accept?
Usually, the most common files are in jpeg or tiff. But if it’s not in that file format, just contact us at sales@starstuffgroup.com.au

Can I scan my photo and upload it?
Yes! Just make sure that you set the dpi to the maximum (at least 300dpi).

Can I mail the photo to you?
Yes! When you order your canvas, choose the option to send the canvas to us. It can be the actual photo or on a CD or DVD. We’ll send you your photo back to you with the canvas.

What is a “gallery wrapped” canvas?
All of our canvases are “gallery wrapped” in that the sides of the canvas will be wrapped with your image instead of white sides. All Standard and Museum Gallery Wrapped canvases come ready to hang.

What is “Canvas Only”?
A “Canvas Only” order is the image printed on the canvas with about 2″ of canvas on each side of the image. It is glossed and has a waterproof layer on the canvas, however it does not come framed.

What is the difference between “Standard Gallery Wrapped” and “Museum Gallery Wrapped”?
The “Standard Gallery Wrapped” has .75″ wide stretch bars, while the “Museum Gallery Wrapped” has 1.5″ wide stretch bars.

What type of canvas do you use?
We use high quality White Inkjet Canvas that is optimal for printing photographs and fine arts works. The canvas itself is a matte canvas; however, we can add a gloss once the canvas is printed.

Do you apply any waterproof layers on your canvas?
We use a waterproof canvas, and on top of that, we add a varnish to protect, preserve, and enhance the fine art and photographic prints.

Do you have special prices for artists/photographers or wholesale prices?
Yes! Please contact us at sales@starstuffgroup.com.au

Can I order special sizes from you?
Yes! We are able to print custom sizes to your liking. Please contact us at sales@starstuffgroup.com.au

What is your turnaround time?
It usually takes us 2-4 business days to get the canvas printed and ready to be shipped.

Put your message on display!
If you’ve got a message to communicate to your market, we can help you spread the word!

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