Boom Stix

Want your message to ‘make some noise?’

Banner-Stix and Boom-Stix are a unique promotional item that enable you to communicate your message using signage as well as sound.

Banner-Stix and Boom-Stix are used to promote businesses at large functions including:
football games, rugby games, basketball games, corporate dinners, promotional meetings, music festivals and concerts.

The Banner-Stix enables a focused message to be displayed on the advertising panel attached between two Boom-Stix. You can hit the Stix together to get a sound and also display the message at the same time.
Boom-Stix and Banner-Stix are an inexpensive way of allowing people to see and hear your message and are excellent for advertising a particular product, logo or upcoming event.

Minimum Order Quantity
3,000 pairs

Banner-Stix and Boom-StixSpecial Features:

  • These items can be used over and over again.
  •  Our Star Stuff Graphic division can print a design created and supplied by you, or our in-house professional graphic designers can produce a design for you.

Put your message on display!
If you’ve got a message to communicate to your market, we can help you spread the word!

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