Digital Die Cutting

Accurate, Cost-Effective Die Cutting with Quick Turnaround Time frames

Forget about Expensive Tooling Costs and Long Production Times!
At Star Stuff Group we use the latest digital die-cutting technology & machinery that eliminates the need for expensive dies, dramatically decreases overall production time, and opens up a new world of creative possibilities.

We specialise in the digital die-cutting of the following products & substrates:
Signs, Membrane Switches, Labels, Decals, Gaskets, Stencils, Dashboard Membranes, Name Badges, Shelf-Wobblers and Talkers, Vinyl Lettering, Floor Graphics and an extensive range of Point of Sales and Printed Display Solutions.

Our die-cutting technology, combined with our unique cutting software, deliver accurate and consistent trimming and contour cutting of virtually any pre-printed or unprinted material – which include:
Self Adhesive Substrates, Rigid PVC, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Core-flute, Foam-Core, Foamed PVC, Leather, Corrugated Board, Cardboard, Cork, Rubber, and more.