Purse Hangers

SSG Purse Hangers are an effective extension to the ever popular key-ring promotional item.

Although the Purse Hanger tends to have a focus toward supporting ladies purses and handbags, it is also a positive accessory for gentlemen who wish to have the convenience of being able to hang a suit jacket, camera case, laptop or sports bag, semi-concealed beneath a restaurant table, meeting room or boardroom table.

The hangers are excellent as a corporate promotional item as they can be supplied with Polygo resined inserts supporting your company name and logo and come packaged in their own black felt, drawstring presentation bag.

The SSG Purse Hangers and Bag Clips make a welcome change to the engraved gift pen, money clip, and yes, even the old faithful key ring. Please make enquiries about these unique items. The SSG Purse Hangers or Bag Clip uses the pull of gravity to enable an effective semi-secure hanging place for personal items with straps that you need close to you when seated at a table while having a meal, attending a meeting, or in a conference.

Simply take the unit out of its carry case, unfold it, place the base of the round disk near the edge of the table, allow the hook to hang below the table lip, then slip the bag strap over the hook. The bag will then hang on its own, supported by the hook on the hanger.