Shelf Wobblers & Shelf Talkers

Draw attention to your product!

Shelf Wobblers or Shelf Talkers are an extremely effective promotional tool – helping to draw customers’ attention towards your products!

Shelf Wobblers and Talkers draw a shopper’s attention of to your product. This increases a customer’s awareness of your product and improves the chance of a sale.

Star Stuff Group’s Star Stuff Graphic division offers a range of wobblers and shelf talkers that can be 100% customised to your needs.

Wobblers & Shelf Talkers are commonly used to draw attention to products for:

  • Special Promotions
  • Product Launches
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Clearance Items

Wobblers and Shelf Talkers are most commonly used by:

Convenience Stores, Specialty Stores, Grocery Stores, Retail Shops, Homeware Stores, Hardware Stores, Clothing Shops.

Shelf Wobblers & Shelf Talkers – Special Features:

  • Any size, any shape – We can manufacture wobblers and shelf talkers in any shape or size imaginable – with no expensive tooling or set up costs!
  • Our Star Stuff Graphic division can print a design created and supplied by you, or our in-house graphic designers can produce a design for you.

shelf-wobbler shelf-talker



Put your message on display!

If you’ve got a message to communicate to your market, we can help you spread the word!

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