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What Makes a Food Packaging Design Successful

Most people judge a product by its packaging, this is particularly so when it comes to food.

As consumers we don’t really realise just how much food packaging impacts the decisions we make when purchasing food. Food package designers carefully engineer packaging not only to protect the food, but to give it the power to attract in such a way that it can simply sell itself.

When designed appropriately, food packaging or any other product packaging for this matter can be a powerful tool that visually communicates messages to consumers about the identity of the brand and the quality of the product. Such messages can have a direct impact in increasing sales and making your product successful in the market.

If you’re wondering about the key elements that make a successful food packaging design, here are 3 main points:

#1 Choosing a distinct trademark look

Choosing a trademark look is essential in making your brand unique and distinct to others. Successful food packages do this by designing packaging that involves a certain level of consistency, whether it is in style, colour, or graphics. Therefore when packaging is designed for a product such as food, it is intended to aesthetically be in coherence with the general design of the rest of brand’s range.

This is effective in giving the food packaging shelf appeal as well as encouraging consumers to collect and try every other product in that range.

#2 Graphic design is everything

Food packaging needs to be is appealing. Any successful food packaging uses designs that are simple, eye-catching, bold and colourful.

Most recently trending in success food packaging design is transparency. Consumers love it when food packaging displays some transparency so they can see what the food looks like before they go to purchase it.  Transparent food packaging not only appeals to customers but has been proven to boost product growth and sales.

#3 Design for your intended audience

A successful packaging design is meant to appeal to the interests, needs and requirements of a specific group of customers. Choosing to pursue a certain demographic of customers rather than a broad audience will mean that you have a focus point in your selling strategies.

Establishing selling strategies for an intended audience is vital for maximising your time and resources so you give more to building a brand that is effective and successful. Make sure that your packaging strikes a chord with your target market and has the right features to attract.

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We understand that the design of a package is the main element that forges a bond between your product and intended consumers. Therefore any successful marketing strategy must take into account the impact that a well-thought-out package design has on its success in the market.

Choosing the right packaging solution is fundamental for your branding. At the Star Stuff Group we can provide you with the perfect packaging solution for your food and a variety of other products too. Not only can we help you enhance your brand promotion in store, but we can help increase your product’s growth and success!

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